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Hey there friend!

Yup, that's a young me on my ol' mount Shorty,. Who, I'm not gonna lie, has canned my ass a time or two. But you're here to read about me, not about Mr. Shorty. 

My name is Emmylou(my dad was obsessed with Emmylou Harris) and I'm the solo cowboy gal behind the scenes here at Cowboy Simple. I originally started this leather gig to make simple pieces of tack for my husband(at the time) and some other family, friends, and local ranchers and their hired hands. 

The first time I tried my hand at the craft, I was pretty young. One day in my after school 4-H meeting our leader had a handful of stamps and some keychain blanks. I remember making one for my dad that had a horse head stamped in the center with some barbed wire stamped around it. After that I don't think I touched another leather tool until around 2016ish, about 10 or so years later.

I like to think that I got started how most crafty people get started, I needed something and I was too cheap and picky to buy anything already made up. I had just gotten my new heeler pup, Lefty, and he needed a new collar. I went out and bought some tools and a hide...that was completely wrong for the project and BOOM! leather journey started.

Flash forward through a short(but fun) lived business with a partner, 2 business name changes, a divorce, 3 shops, a new hubby, a handful of kids, and now you have the Cowboy Simple before you today.

One of the things that has carried through all of the crazy seasons of my business is my main focus to create quality leather products for the working cowboys and girls here in AZ. And with my website I've been able to expand my reach even further with the US. 

I offer a wide variety of durable working ranch gear, as well as smaller items like belts, wallets, earrings, and drink coozies. All designed by me with my native Arizona cowboy lifestyle influence. Each leather item I offer can be as customizable as you would like. There are a few different levels of customization, from none all the way to 100%( you can choose colors, thread options, backing options, cravings and design to name a few choices.)

I am so thankful that I am able to provide some of America's tireless, dedicated cowboys quality equipment, that is as unique and hard working as the men and women who use it.

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